Gordon "Frostchin" Ramasaya

Goatball enthusiast


Race: Goliath
Gender: Male Age: 26 years
Height: 7’8" Weight: 375lbs
Position: Rear Right Flank
Tag Avg: 0.105 Catch Avg: 0.094
Win rate: ……look, i play for the love of the game, ok?

Tall, fit, handsome, and clumsy. Gordon is a friendly goliath who is still learning about society, culture, culinary treats, and the generations dormant power that lies within.


Agreeable Gordan loves new experiences and is usually willing to do things the way someone else wants to, just to see how things pan out. He is more than willing to take the lead and will always be offering a slew of things to do. However, when met with opposition he is happy to trust in others. If things don’t pan out, he’ll often shrug it off as bad luck and avoid placing blame (aside from some light jeering).

Confident Gordan is totally convinced of his own abilities.

Gracious Since he is sure of himself, everyone else must be as well, right? Gordon will rarely second guess someone’s opinion of themselves. Why should they lie when describing their own abilities?


Ambisinister He is neither right nor left handed when it comes to fine motor skills.

Clumsy Clearly Sundabar is coated in a fine mist of butter. Probably from all the wonderful food vendors! Is there something on my face?

Overconfident Gordan can get himself in to problems by overestimating his own abilities.


Gordon "Frostchin" Ramasaya

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